*** I'll explain How In This Short Video... ***

Listen, Phyllis...
There is something much more essential
than your PROBIOTIC!
Let me give you the scoop.

Look at Phyllis, she clearly is giving me shade and displaying an attitude, but just wait until she hears about my latest ridiculously good idea?

It is arguably the best idea I have had in some time.

Wanna know what it is?
I am affectionately calling this digestive love child...

"Smart Carb".

Why did I create Smart Carb?


I want you to TRY you a bottle!
You have my iron-clad 60-day, no questions asked guarantee.

That is correct.

If you don't like it, it is yours

Now, let's back up for a sec...

It seems like everybody and their aunt Phyllis

is takin' probiotics.

Well that may be nice and fine, but understand probiotics and enzymes are quite different.

A Visual...

Let's get bananas for a second.

In fact, let's get really bananas.

Compare green bananas to yellow bananas...
Which bananas do you think are easier to digest?

Probiotics are bacteria and of course, they have an important role in your intestines.

In the digestive process, the mouth and stomach begin breaking down food well before the intestines.

Hear that, Phyllis?

Enzymes are stealin' your probiotic thunder.

This is where the extraordinary power of enzymes really comes in handy.

Since food can sit in your stomach for hours before reaching the intestines, shouldn't we focus more on the stomach as it relates to digestion?

Enzymes come first.

And they always have.

Take that, probiotics!

Above, you see the green bananas and the yellow bananas that has spots.

Which bananas do you suppose are more ripe?

The green ones or the spotted yellow ones?


Time's up. The answer?

The spotted yellow bananas are more ripe.

The green banana is less ripe than the yellow, spotted banana.

This means that the yellow and spotted banana has more enzymes than the green one.

And because of this enzyme advantage, the spotted banana is far easier to digest!
Here comes the digestive humdinger.

Easier to digest means...

less gas, less bloating, less joint pain, less heartburn and less of a whole lotta common complaints.

Gas and bloating are common side-effects when eating foods that lack enzymes.

Consider what your everyday life would feel like if embarrassing gas and uncomfortable bloating vanished.
Foods that have zero enzymes and that contribute to sluggish digestion are items that are usually packaged, processed, cooked, canned, grilled, steamed, pasteurized and so on.

Zero enzymes = Plentiful symptoms.

Thumbs down. Boo hiss.
Yep, it is true and there ain't much Phyllis' probiotics can do for you way down there in the intestines...

when the problem is happening way up high in your stomach.

In fact, I often have patients tell me that taking probiotics made things a whole bunch worse.

In case you skimmed over my earlier tidbit, food can sit in your stomach for more than 4 hours? Yuck!

This is because it is sadly lacking the digestive support enzymes bring.

Not probiotics, but enzymes.
Sure, we all eat foods that have been heat-treated. (canned, grilled, steamed, cooked, etc.)

This means the magical digestive powerhouses a.k.a.enzymes are destroyed.

Now, this may not seem like a big deal, but it is.

At 118 degrees fahrenheit, enzymes die.

If enzymes are like superman, then heat is their kryptonite.

The simple truth is that the food industry loves and fully understands that cooking, canning, pasteurizing, etc. kills enzymes.

The food industry digs this because killing enzymes extends shelf life.

Translation: Longer shelf life = more company profits for the food industry.
What if there was a way to make every meal easier to digest like that spotted yellow banana?

Beautiful news, wonder twin. There IS a much better and far easier way to digest each and every meal.

Plus, the extra added benefit is that there is also a FREE way to enhance your digestion and get the most from your food.

Enter that brilliant "idear" of mine...FREE MINI Smart Carb.

Super simple.

Smart Carb is my own custom-formulation, my recipe, my mighty creation.

I developed Smart Carb from 12+ years of experience helping people all over the world with nagging digestive complaints such as: gas, bloating, constipation, heartburn, fatigue, etc.

Smart Carb is loaded with food enzymes to help your digest your food.

All of your food.

Inside each capsule of Smart Carb are these efficient superheroes or enzymes...

not to mention the anti-gas and digestive healing trio of black pepper, golden turmeric, and cinnamon.

Their lofty mission?

The first step to digestion begins with enzymes, not probiotics.

What's more...

Enzymes digest our food so that we can maximize our energy.

It is ONLY from the food we eat and the way we digest this food that determines our energy levels!

Eating foods that lack enzymes creates more digestive stress.

It couldn't be easier to learn about how to have healthier digestion!

I have taken out all of the guess work and barriers by giving you Mini Smart Carb.

I hope you will give it a whirl and begin your journey to a happy belly and healthy gut.


Dr. Christine "Saving The World From Digestive Villains" Kaczmar
What Dr. Christine's Patients say about "SMART CARB"...
"Enzymes are magical proteins that digest your food and help restore balance to your body which means more energy, less gas, bloating, and abdominal discomfort."
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Smart Carb is for YOU!
And even you, Phyllis.
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~ Dr. Christine Kaczmar "The Digestion Doc"