Here's a look at what you'll find inside 'The Digestion Masterclass':
- Page 4: I'm going to teach you all about the three types of stress and why they lead to symptoms.

-Page 5:  I'm going to tell you about the two types of people. When it comes to health you want to make sure you're in this category.

-Page 6: I'm going to actually talk to you about fevers and why these are actually wonderful signs and what you need to know about them and what happens in your body to help heal you.

- Page 7: I'm going to be getting into the beginning phase of how the body knows how to heal you and talk a little bit more about your body's healing capability.

- Page 8:  I'm going to talk to you about this popular healing expression and why it is dead wrong. I'm also going to talk to you about these timeless healing principles and why you need to honor them and why they will never change, which is comforting because they will always be this way, so if we embrace these 3 truths, you're good to go.

-Pages 12-15: I'm going to talk to you about the healing violations. There are four specific violations. Here's a hint, one of them has to do with ego.

-Page 18: I'm going to talk to you about cellular health and the importance of these two types of cellular fluid.

-Want to know what it's called when you see problems in the cellular membrane's integrity? I'm going to tell you all about it on page 19.

-Page 22: I get into what's called the enzyme stomach. What the heck is that? Well, get the booklet and you'll find out. Bonus hint, it's why I labeled Smart Carb what I did. Check it out to find out what I'm talking about.

-Page 23: I tell you what diet trend is horrible and why you must abandon this thinking immediately.

-Page 24: I talk to you about my famed 5 Belly Busters and why these five foods are the surefire way to stress out your gut.

-What should it look like? What should it smell like? What should the shape of it be like? What should the form be like? How much frequency should it be? That's right, I'm talking all about bowel movements on page 27.

-Page 31: I get more technical and I really start diving into the neurology of the gut and its connection.

-Page 35: no matter how misleading mainstream media is, or MSM, I'm going to talk to you how the immune system is your fortress and why you must never doubt your body's incredible ability to heal itself. All that happens in the gut.

-Page 36: I'm going to talk to you about how your gut and digestion has a lot to do with your personality.

-Page 39: we're talking about cellular health, and specifically why this relates to your hormones.

-Biology class is back in session and we're talking about that in section four, or part four of the Digestion Masterclass. Specifically we're going to start off with why cellular health has a lot to do with your hormone health. Do you ever wonder how the body knows how to communicate so quickly and in an instant like that?

-We're going to cover that also in part four, and specifically we're going to talk about if you're having some issues on the cellular level how this could lead to more than just being angry, because if you're not eating enough of this nutrient no one is going to be around you or certainly not going to enjoy having anything to do with your energy and your vibe. Make sure that you're checking out this part of the masterclass on page 40.

-Pages 42-46: we're getting tight because that's right on your body's sewer system. What am I talking about? Pick up the masterclass and you'll discover what it is that I'm calling the sewer system.

-Then on pages 47 -51 we're saving the best for last. That's right, we're talking about these magical proteins which has literally changed everything about my practice, my patients' health, their well being, and it'll change yours too. Make sure you check it out. 

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