Includes ALL Tests, Results, Follow-Up Visits, Nutritional Products And More...
You Will Receive A  12-Week CUSTOMIZED 
Testing And Support Program

Includes: All Tests, Follow-Up Appointments, ALL Nutritional Supplements Needed, Your Energy Targeted Diet And More...

It Is Time To Stop Doing It Yourself And Being Your Own Dr. Google.
Dr. Christine Will Take Away The Madness And Confusion By Performing The RIGHT Tests On You And Giving Your Body The CORRECT Amount And PROPER Type Of Nutritional Therapies.
Join Dr. Christine And Thousands Of Others... 
Discover The Root Cause Of Your Painful Gas, Uncomfortable Bloating, Chronic Constipation, Diarrhea, Nausea, Heartburn, And More...
NEURO-INTESTINAL SEQUENCING INCLUDES EVERYTHING you need for 12-WEEKS and focuses on getting to the root cause of digestive stress. This comprehensive and unique digestive stress profile measures your energy deficiencies, macronutrient digestion levels and more.  

Such as:
  • ​Fat Digestion Score (common signs of fat deficiency include loss of hair, inability to conceive, lack of energy, high blood pressure, brain fog, etc.)
  • Protein Digestion Score (common signs of protein deficiency include: cold hands and feet, hot flashes, runny nose and/or eyes, hormonal imbalances, moodiness, slow recovery from wounds and colds, brain fog, etc.)
  • Carbohydrate Digestion Score (common signs of carbohydrate deficiency include: low energy, irritability, skin rashes, muscle fatigue, dry skin, etc.)
  • Vitamin C Test/Antioxidant Performance Score (how strong is your immune system?)
  • Calcium Score (predictor of overall health and wellness, ability to overcome sickness)
  • Leaky Gut Source (what is your source of leaky gut? Dr. Christine will tell you.)
  • Hydration Score (water is essential.  Your results will determine your level of dehydration and what Dr. Christine recommends as a result.)
  • Bowel Toxicity Measurement and Yeast Indicator (How toxic is your gut? Is there a presence of yeast?  Are parasites likely?  Are you experiencing uncontrollable gas and bloating?  Dr. Christine will review all of this and more with you.)
  • Plus much more...
Your blood will NEVER find this information which is why your M.D. is missing it!  Your blood is the "spoiled brat" of the body. Dr. Christine's customized urine test finds the source of your digestive energy deficiencies.
Here is what you get with the NEURO-INTESTINAL SEQUENCING
  • Energy Assessment Kit: Included in this price comes free shipping of the specialized digestive test kit.  Everything is explained inside your package but if you have any questions, we encourage you to call us at 586-685-2222.
  • Your Custom Results: Once your results are in, Dr. Christine's team will email you the results that day.  You will receive Dr. Christine's proprietary summary sheet outlining your areas of digestive weakness, plus a general explainer video and PDF.  In addition, you will get a personalized audio file of Dr. Christine explaining YOUR results.
  • Unlimited Weekly Office Visits: For 12 weeks, based on your customized results, Dr. Christine will meet with you in person or over the phone and explain the nutritional supplements necessary, measure your progress, make any necessary tweaks and more.
  • Energy-Targeted Diet: Based on your personal test results, Dr. Christine will email you the appropriate diet to follow. Be sure to print it up and keep it with you for easy reference.
  • Easy-To-Follow: Because everyone learns differently, the diets are super simple to understand and are broken down by food group for you.  If you don't see it listed, you may eat it. Any of your questions about diet will always be addressed in your weekly office visits.  Dr. Christine is acutely dialed-in on effective communication.
  • All Supplements for 12 weeks: That is right, with Gut Protocol, you will receive EVERY nutritional product Dr. Christine recommends for the
    12-weeks!  No guessing needed. You will have unlimited personal visits, email and phone support from Dr. Christine's team during these
    12 weeks.
  • Team Support:  One thing I know for sure is that people need encouragement and reassurance.  As a GUT-Checker, you will have VIP email and phone access to my team for 90-days following your results. All you have to do is call 586-685-2222 with ANY questions or email your questions to: [email protected]
  • Confidence: With my 20 years of experience in the functional medicine space, and after testing thousands of people throughout the world, I know what it takes to get your digestion back in order.  Health comes from within.  Undigested food is the greatest source of leaky gut and associated symptoms such as diarrhea, gas, bloating, constipation, crohn's, ulcerative colitis, heartburn and more.  The medical model ignores the digestive process and wants to throw more medications at symptoms.  There IS a better way. Click below to get started on your EVERYTHING INCLUDED
    12-week Gut Protocol.
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Frequently Asked Questions
Am I Able To Do This Test If I Am On Antibiotics?
Yes.  In fact, it does not matter what prescription medications you may be on, you may still participate in the GUT-Check Protocol.  Also, it is important for me to point out that should you be taking any prescriptions other than antibiotics, please STAY on them.  I am not your personal physician nor am I a medical doctor.  Any discussion about your meds must be made with your primary care physician.
How Long Does It Take For Results To Arrive?
This is an excellent question.  I can feel the enthusiasm you have to get things rolling! :)) . Once your results have arrived at my lab in Illinois, it takes them approximately 48 hours to send me your customized Leaky Gut Analysis and Digestive Stress Profile.  Once we receive them, we send you the customized results.  It is a very speedy and efficient process.
Will I Stay On My Current Supplements?
Once I get your results back, I will then determine what supplements are best suited for you.  It has been my experience in working with thousands of patients all over the world that less is best.  If you want the very best results and outcomes, I encourage you to stop all supplements you are taking and replace them with my custom recommendations for you.  This is strictly because too many supplement companies use fillers and additives that will hinder your progress.
What if I am out of Michigan. Can I still do the Gut Protocol?
YES! Most of our patients are out of state. Our email is: he[email protected] and our phone number is 586-685-2222.
When Collecting My Urine, What Do I Do?
This is very easy to perform and all of the directions are written down for you and also explained by phone if you would like.  Essentially, you are collecting every drop of urine for 24 hours.  We will explain all you need to know and believe me, there are NO silly questions.  If you have any confusion whatsoever, we want to help.  Call us at 586-685-2222.
Does The Gut-Check Protocol Come With Supplements?
YES! All you need for the entire 12-week program is included.  Gut Protocol testing does come with my recommendations for what your body is lacking and what I recommend you begin taking.  I get this information based on how well your Gut-Check Protocol results.
How Will I Know What To Eat?
This is a common question and a great one.  I have all of this taken care of for you.  Based on your customized digestive stress panel, I will know what diet will best serve you.  You will test into one of two potential diets and this is absolutely included in the GUT-Check Protocol system.  The diets are super simple to follow, are color-coded and broken down into food groups/categories for you.  Also, if you are in doubt about any particular food, remember this system comes with unlimited email and phone support as well as one LIVE group call with me.
Will I Ever Get Better?
It is important to understand that health is a process.  The symptoms of gas, bloat, constipation, nausea, diarrhea, heartburn, etc. did not just happen for no reason.  In fact, symptoms are warning signs your body has been trying to tell you for some time.  In my experience though, it is typical for patients to see improvements within the first 2 weeks of starting any of my enzyme supplementations.
"I am very excited to help you on your journey to better energy, vitality and digestion.  I fully understand the medical model is broken. If you are frustrated with nagging gas, bloat, constipation, diarrhea, heartburn, nausea, etc. 
I encourage you to consider working with me in order to truly find the source of your digestive stress.  We must first discover how you are using food for energy and how well you are breaking down your macronutrients (fats, carbs, proteins).  It really starts there.  This is the lowest price for my customized testing protocol.  I hope you will take advantage of all you will receive at such an affordable offer.
Allow me the chance to help you regain your freedom, too!"

~ Dr. Christine Kaczmar "The Digestion Doc"
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